For pressurized hot and cold water plumbing and air conditioning system

A complete range of pipes, fittings in C-PVC for hot and cold water plumbing, heating and air conditioning.


Working temperature: from +5C to +90C
Diameter: from 16mm to 160mm

Working pressure at 20C: PN25 bar for diameter 16 to 63mm
PN16 bar for diameter 32 to 160mm


Its high performance allows multiple applications particularly in the buildings:
– Distribution of sanitary hot and cold water
– Air conditioning
– Central heating
– Shipyard
– Spas
– Swimming pools


– Anti corrosion. HTA is synthetic material designed to remain unaffected by corrosion in utility suplies in buildings
– Anti scale. Because of the product’s nature, scalling related problems are much less significant than with other metal pipe systems
– Easy to install, lightweight
– Food safe
– Non permeable to oxygen, thus eliminating the formation of sludge inside the pipes
– Condensation. Reduce problems against traditional materials
– Minimal coefficient of expansion in high temperature
– Non flammable. System is rated Bs1d0 as certified by Euroclasses issued by the LNE (M1 class)
– Pressure resistance. 6 bar at 80 C for PN25 (tested 4,2 times the nominal pressure; PN25 tested at 105 bar) for a 50 year lifetime
– ISO 9001-2000