Pipes and fittings for compressed air

GIRAIR is a complete range for compressed air distribution. More than 500 references: pipes, fittings, mechanical fittings. The system GIRAIR offers all the benefits of original GIRAIR system, plus:

– modularity (network easy to modify),
– immediate pressure reinstatement (no waiting for adhesive dying time),
– aesthetical (specific fitting design),
– labour cost effective (qiuck assembly).


Working temperature: from -20C to +50C
Diameter from 16mm to 110mm
Working pressure: 12,5 bar (crack in 80-120 bar pressure)


– Compressed air distribution
– Industrial neutral gas distribution
– Centralized vacuum network
– Cold water and chilled fluids (antifreeze, ethyle glycol, saline solution) distribution


– Complete system of pipes, fittings and valves
– Anti corrosion, clean air at all times
– Quick and easy installation: limited set of tools, lightweight and easy to handle
– The system range is perfectly adapted to the production workshop
– A very high performance, flexible and reliable system
– Resistant to engine oil and antifreeze
– Non flammable (B-s1,d0 safety class)
– Perfect airtightness (cold welding)
– Resistant to external impact, even at low temperature
– Instantly recognizable (blue color)
– Limited condensation and loss, it is not necessary for thick isolation
– Certified ISO9001-2000, Bureau Veritas certifiacate allows to use in aviation and space industry